posted by Derpy Pegasus

So I'm suppose to make a post in my school about how to deal with stress. But I am always with stress and since I've turned very forgetful (I don't know why) I have forgotten how to cope with it. Any examples on how to deal with stress. Here, this is my assignment:

Describe a stressful situation and talk about how you handled it.

That's all I really gotta do.

  1. Ms. Sue

    We sure can't tell you what situations were stressful to you.

  2. Writeacher

    Go to

    Enter how to cope with stress

    Read LOTS!

  3. Derpy Pegasus

    Umm, thanks Write Teacher, you were probably the only help I got momenterily. Although I wish I had more info. Nick you??

  4. Writeacher

    As Ms. Sue said, no one here can tell you what is stressful in your life. However, if you conduct that search and READ several of the search results, you may get some ideas and be able to choose one to write about.

  5. Derpy Pegasus

    Oh, my bad. I thought she meant that she couldn't help. Sorry! I didn't mean to. Thanks again, by the way!

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