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Please check these sentences for a story. Thankyou again Mme.

1.) This week, I went home.
2.) I relaxed because I was fasting.
3.) My family and I broke our fast at sunset.
4.) Today, I am fasting.
5.) Tomorrow, I will go to the mosque and pray.

6.) This week, I packed up for my trip to California.
7.)I packed all my necessities in my luggage.
8.)I relaxed at home today before leaving to the airport.
9.) Today, I am going to the airport with my family.
10.) Tomorrow, we will arrive in California

1. ) Cette semaine , je suis allé à la maison.
2. ) Je me suis détendu parce que je jeûnais .
3. ) Ma famille et moi avons rompu notre jeûne au coucher du soleil .
4. ) Aujourd'hui, je suis à jeun .
5. ) Demain, je vais aller à la mosquée et prier .

6. ) Cette semaine, je fis pour mon voyage en Californie .
7. ) Je fis tous mes besoins dans mes bagages .
8. ) Je me suis détendu à la maison aujourd'hui avant de partir pour l'aéroport .
9. ) Aujourd'hui, je vais à l'aéroport avec ma famille.
10. ) Demain, nous allons arriver en Californie .

  1. Writeacher

    I've sent your post to Mme.

  2. SraJMcGin

    To avoid all the skimming up and down, with my failing eyesight, it would be helpful to have your French immediately after the English. This way, I can't be sure I see, and or remember, everything.

    1. You have written the verb for a male. Here it is for a female: je suis allée

    2. Again, the first verb is for a male. For a female, add an "e" to défendu = défendue

    3. looks good

    4. I am fasting/I do fast, I fast are all English translations of the Present Indicative tense. the verb "to fast is jeûner, so why not just say "je jeüne"

    5. good

    6. I packed = J'ai fait mes bagages

    7.Always simplify if you can: I put is far easier = J'ai mis...

    8. Again for female = étendue

    9. good

    10. Also, "we will arrive" could be in the future = Nous arriverons...

    Sra (aka M me)

  3. Gabs

    Did someone delete my other post?

  4. SraJMcGin

    I deleted the other posts from my computer but they should still be o Jishka.

    Sra (aka Mme)

    Since I see no questions here, I will also delete this post.

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