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1) The distance between Chicago and Cleveland is 354 miles. If a person leaves Chicago at 9:50 am. Central Time and arrives in Cleveland at 5:30 pm the same day Eastern Time, at what average speed does he travel, correct to the nearest mile
a) 46 mph
b) 50 mph
c) 53 mph
d) 55 mph
e) none of these answers

2) The oil burner in a certain house is used to heat the house and to heat the hot water. During the seven cold months when the house is heated, an average of 200 gallons of oil a month is used. In the remaining five months, when the house is not heated, a total of 200 gallons of oil is used. What percentage of the year's oil supply is required to heat water during these five months

a) 1/8%
b) 7%
c) 12 1/2%
d) 14%
e) none of these answers

  • MATH -

    1. speed=distance/time=354/(16:30-09:50)
    speed=354/(6hrs 40min)=354/(6.66)=

    total oil used=7*200+200=1600 gal

    water heating total=200(12/5)=480gal

    fraction= (480/1600)= looks like e to me

  • MATH -

    I'm too lazy to do 2 but here's question 1

    9:50 central -> 10:50 eastern
    10:50 -> 5:30 = 6 2/3 hours
    354 divided by 6 2/3 hours -> 53.1 which rounds to 53 hours

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