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Electric lighting was a novelty before it became  (1 point)
Read the following paragraph from “The Electric Summer”:
"That thrilled me, and scared me. The great world seemed to swing wide like the gates of the Fair, and I didn’t even have a plan. I hadn’t even put up my hair yet. It seemed to me it was time for that, time to jerk that big bow off the braid hanging down my back and put up my hair in a woman’s way."

What is the main idea of this paragraph?
 (1 point)
Geneva is both excited by and scared of the thought of becoming an adult.
Geneva is tired of her old hairstyle and wants a new one.
Geneva wants to make a plan to go to another World’s Fair as soon as she can.
Geneva asks, “But Mama, how can we just go home after all we’ve seen?” What does this most likely indicate about Geneva?  (1 point)
She did not care for the experience they had at the World’s Fair.
She is ready to go home, but she doesn’t want to hurt her mother’s feelings.
She has been profoundly affected by her new and different experiences.
What is the best way to correct a vague pronoun reference?  (1 point)
Remove the antecedent.
Remove the pronoun.
Substitute a different pronoun.

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