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Sam has 3 pets.
Monday she uses d cans of pet food.
Tuesday she uses 6 cans
Wednesday Thursday and Friday uses 4 cans each day

How many cans does she use during thse 5 days?

which number is not needed to solve problem?

4 3 5 6 - please explain

  • HELP MATH 5th grade -

    How many cans did she use on Monday?

  • HELP MATH 5th grade -

    The question says the letter d

  • HELP MATH 5th grade -

    6+4+4+4+d = 18 + d cans

  • HELP MATH 5th grade -

    so which number is not needd to solve the problem 3 or 5

  • HELP MATH 5th grade -

    Neither 3 nor 5 was used.

    Is it possible there's an error in your problem? Check with your teacher.

  • HELP MATH 5th grade -

    if i answered it D + 6 + (3x4) then i do not need the 5 -- it says which number 3 4 5 6 is not needed

  • HELP MATH 5th grade -

    Ahh! I think you're right! Good thinking!

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