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This 32-year-old female patient was admitted with intractable partial epilepsy after an MRI showed mesial temporal sclerosis on the right side with hippocampal atrophy. The neurosurgeon carried out a selective amygdalohippocampectomy with intraoperative electrocorticography. The rest of her hospital stay was uneventful. What codes are assigned?

ICD-9-CM Diagnosis Code(s) with POA Indicator:_________________________

ICD-9-CM Procedure Code(s):_____________

ICD-10-CM Code(s):________________

ICD-10-PCS Code(s):__________________

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    Please use your textbook, study materials, and a good search engine or two to find your answers.

    1. Go to or

    2. Type in cpt codes (or whatever search terms you need). Press Enter.

    3. Read different search results until you find what you need.

    4. Re-search with different search terms if you don't find all you need.

  • Medical Billing & Coding -


  • Medical Billing & Coding -


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