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Math grade 3

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Solve did you use an estimate or an exact answer?
1/people donated 124 books to the library last month and 139 books this month. How many books were donated in this period?

2/The library has 387DVDs in its collection. A total of 154DVDs are currently on loan topatrons. To the nearest hundred, how many DVDs are left in the library?

3/Doug owes 75sc for one overdue library book and s1.10 for another. How much does he owe the library?

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    Please , put the answer

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    got any ideas?
    I'll do #1.
    124+139 = 263 books in all

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    Hi Nawaf, I think I got this:

    2) there are 387 Dvds and 154 Dvds are on loan. So that means 387 minus 154 will be the amount still left. so lets do it.
    But we have to put it to the nearest hundred. So

    200 are left, to the nearest hundred

    3) For number 3, there is not enough information, therefore it is not possible to get the answer. Nawaf, did you happen to forget the write the amount of books he has due? Because if you just say that one overdue library book is 75sc and s1.10 for another, I need to have more information.

    Hope this helps!

  • Math grade 3 -

    Doug owes75c for overdue library book and $1.10 for another.How much does he owe the library?

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