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5th grade math

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Part A: find two numbers that have two three and five as factors. what other factors do these two numbers have in common

Part b. find three numbers that has 24 and 8 as factors what do these numbers have in common

  • 5th grade math -

    Hint: Part A ends in 0

    Part B: Multiples of 24 have 24 and 8 as factors.

  • 5th grade math -

    What is 3x5? what is 3x3x5? what is 3x3x5x5?

    b. what is 24x8? What is 24x8x8? what is 24x24x8?

  • 5th grade math -

    Jon makes a bar graph that shows the number of dogs owned by numbers of his class. If the smallest number is 1 and the largest number is 4; what interval should Jon use?

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