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Please help I need clarity on how to tackle this assignment
The assignment is titled:

“Organisational and Individual Performance: Seminal and Contemporary Theory and Practice.”
Critically evaluate and analyse the HRM literature and provide an argument for how you would, as a newly appointed Human Resources Manager, improve individual and organisational performance in an organisation of your choice. Ensure that you critically evaluate theory and also previous empirical evidence in your evaluation and provide support for your arguments.
Also: Track changes in the HRM literature that relate to the management of performance: from the origins of the field up to the current state of the field in 2013.

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    #1 ~~> "Critically evaluate and analyse the HRM literature..."

    Until you do that, you cannot begin on the rest.

    We have no access to your textbook or course materials, so only you can do this. I'd read it all, three or four times, and outline it.

    Once you have all that under control -- on paper and in your mind -- you can begin the rest of the assignment.

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