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The verb in this sentence. describes an ongoing action
1. Jack stopped to call a friend.
2. What are you doing?
Answer 1
The verb in this sentence describes a habitual or repeated action
A. I was hoping to hear from you.
B. This guy makes his own instruments.
Answer B

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    I disagree with both of your answers.

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    The four statements below describe the meaning of the tenses used

    1.Jack stopped to call a friend.
    2.What are you doing?
    3.I was hoping to hear from you.
    4.this guy makes his own instruments

    Identify the sentence which is being described?

    A. verb describes an ongoing action
    B. verb describes an action which is finished now but lasted for some time in the past
    C. verb describes a brief action started and completed in the past
    D. verb describes a habitual or repeated action

    I'm confused here is try
    A matches with 2
    B matches with 3
    C matches with 1
    D matches with 4

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    Your answers are correct.

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