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A 24 litre bucket is full of lemonade.3 men wants to have equal amount of it to take home but they only have 13 litre, 5 litre and 11 litre do will they do it?

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    bucket size: contents
    24:24 13:0 11:0 5:0
    24:11 13:13 11:0 5:0
    24:11 13:8 11:0 5:5
    24:11 13:0 11:8 5:5
    24:11 13:5 11:8 5:0
    24:3 13:13 11:8 5:0
    24:3 13:8 11:8 5:5
    24:8 13:8 11:8 5:0

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    what will be the answer

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