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Mothers Day!HELP!

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Help! Im a16 year old teenage girl with no job..I need to make my mother some special with sentimental value for Mothers Day. I have no job for flowers or chocolates. So I'll have to give her something homemade.. A poem seems so cliché and over me. What should I do...? ):

  • Mothers Day!HELP! -

    Make her breakfast or lunch or dinner ... serve it to her with flowers or something else decorative.

  • Mothers Day!HELP! -

    How about offering to do one of her regular chores for a month? Laundry? Dishes? Vacuuming? Making dinner one night a week?

    Believe me, those tasks will be much more appreciated than flowers or candy.

  • Mothers Day!HELP! -

    Take the pictures you have around, make a collage of you and her over the years. Label it "the best mom I ever had"

    Write out on index cards chores you can do at her behest:

    shampoo carpet
    clean the bathrooms including toilets
    organize the pantry
    wash the car
    vacumn the car
    clean up the flower beds
    cook supper

    With some imagination, you could easily write up 25 chores, and she can give you the ticket when she desires.

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