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In the text box provided below, type the research report according to the guidelines below. You must submit both your first draft and final versions. Remember that an adult must review your first draft and provide constructive criticism.

Assignment: A formal outline and a final version of the essay you have been writing throughout this chapter
Length: Five to seven paragraphs
Audience: To whom are you writing this essay? Be specific.
Purpose: This should take shape from one of the broad purposes: to inform, persuade, describe, entertain, or narrate.
Prewriting: You accomplish this through brainstorming, exploring, and focusing ideas.
Writing: Use the first draft you wrote in Chapter 29
Revising: Use the checklist in Chapter 27 to review your first draft. Prepare a formal outline reflecting the changes you want to make in the organization of the essay. Follow the guidelines for a formal outline in Chapter 27. Then use the formal outline and your first draft to write a final version of the essay. Be sure to edit and proofread the essay so that you can share your work with your readers.

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