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What is the Etruscan influence on Roman, Byzantine and Romanesque visual culture?

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    First of all, make sure you are clear on what the elements of Etruscan art include. Then you'll be more likely to identify those same elements in the other styles.

    Let us know what you decide.

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    Hi can you help me with my homework on art history. I have some questions that I can't find. Here are the questions.

    1. What are the technical and aesthetic achievements of the High Renaissance?
    2. How did Leonardo achieve a "unified representation of objects in an atmospheric setting"?
    3. What are Bramante's architectural achievements in the new St. Peter's in Rome?
    4. What are the formal reference to classical antiquity in Michelangelo's David?
    5. What are Michelangelo's message and stylistic achievements in the Sistine Chapel ceiling?
    6. How did Raphael use classicism and synthesize Renaissance ideals in his painting?

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    This is about the 16th century high renaissance

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