Biology immediate help! please!

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Need help please don't understand these questions.
Dihybrid Genetic Crosses for Corn.

A. What are the two hypotheses that you made about the allelic frequencies of progeny produced by the crosses:

P x P? P

F1 x F1? F

B. Based on what you know about phenotypes and Figure 2, for the P generation, what is the corn plant genotype on each cob containing the P corn kernels? One is completely dominant, so its genotype is ________?

One is completely recessive, so its genotype is_______? .

C. Would it make a difference in the outcome of this cross if the genotype of one parent is PPss and the other is ppSS?

D. From the phenotype of the kernels on each P generation cob what would the predicted genotype of any F1 plant be?

E. Given the 2n equation predict how many different genetic outcomes will be possible from an
F1 cross resulting in the F2 generation in a dihybrid corn cross.

F. If a F2 corn cob resulting from this F1 cross contained 563 seeds, how many of the seeds would you expect to look like the F1 parent?

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