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4 In e= In (ã(3))/(x)-4 In e Solve the equations by finding the exact solution.

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    On my screen your intended symbol did not show up correctly.

    did you mean:

    ln e = ln (√3/(x) ) - 4ln e ?
    if so, then

    5ln e = ln (√3/x)
    ln e^5 = ln (√3/x)
    anti-ln it
    e^5 = √3/x
    x = √3/e^5

    Let me know if your equation was meant differently.

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    Thank you for answering my question.But I really do not know what happend to the 4 in front of the equation?

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    ahh, my error, I thought it was question #4
    easy to fix

    4 ln e = ln (√3/(x) ) - 4ln e
    8ln e = ln (√3/x)
    ln e^8 = ln (√3/x)
    anti-ln it
    e^8 = √3/x
    x = √3/e^8

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    Thank you for your help.

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