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Circle the words in () below that makes the subject and verb of the sentence agree

1.The cake (mix mixes) looks too thing

2.Your dog (bark barks) at night

3.Milt(like likes) the high jump

4.Our (forest forests) provide a home for many creatures

5.Usually, his movies (get gets) good reviews

6.Dachshunds (stand stands) low to the ground

7.(He They) acts like a clown too often

8.Our neighbor often (borrow borrows) tools from us

9.The fresh (cake cakes) taste delicious

10.They (meet meets) twice a month

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    I agree with all your answers except #9.

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    All right!

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    Oops -- Writeacher is right.

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    Is tastes the verb?

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    The fresh cake tastes ...


    The fresh cakes taste ...

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