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in the number 0.123451234512345.........(recurring)what is the 1992th digit after the decimal point?

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    goes in pattern 12345

    find the remainder when divided by 5.

    It is 2.

    Thus it is 2. (coincidentally)

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    1992/5=376 groups of five, so the last digit is a 5.

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    Wait...isnt 1992 not divisible by 5...? It has a remainder of 2 so it would be 2 right?

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    1992 รท 5 leaves a remainder of 2 (then length of the period is 5, that's why I divided by 5)

    Look at the 7th digit after the decimal place
    when I divide 7 by 5 I get a remainder of 2
    when I divide 12 by 5 I get a remainder of 2
    when I divide 17 by 5 I get a remainder of 2

    the 7th digit, the 12th digit and the 17th digit are each equal to 2
    so the 1992nd digit is a 2

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