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You work in retail. In the past you inventoried and shelved the weekly UPS shipment in 2 hours. Your co-worker usually takes 3 hours to do the UPS shipment. How long will it take the two of you working together to finish this week’s UPS shipment?

1)What units are you looking for?
Choose a variable to represent this value?

2)Should your answer be more or less than 2 hours? Why?

3)What fraction of the job can you do in 1 hour working alone?
This is your work rate.

4)What fraction of the job can your co-worker do in 1 hour working alone? This is his work rate.

5)Using the variable you chose, what fraction of the job can you two do in 1 hour working together?
This is your combined work rate.

6)Write an equation.

7)Describe at least two ways to solve this equation.

We can finish the UPS shipment in ________ ________ working together.

  • Math!! -

    You already asked this questions before and NO ONE is going to answer it for you unless you show you're own thinking. This is a forum designed to help you with your problems. It is NOT a forum designed to have people complete your homework for you!

  • Math!! -


  • Math!! -

    Your teacher has laid out a solution path that is very anal thinking. First, consider this solution.
    in six hours, you could do three shipmehnts, and coworker could do two shippments.
    Both of you could do 5shipmeths in 6 hrs, and your combined rate is 5/6 shipment/hr, so it takes you 6/5 of an hour, or 6*60/5 min= 72 min

    Now for the innane questions. I would never teach this method.
    1. you are looking for time.
    2.guess yourself.
    3. in one hour, you can do .5 of the job
    4. in one hour, she can do .3333 of the job. can do .833333 of the job in an hour.
    6. time=1 shipment/(.83333 ship/hr)=1.2 hr=72 min.

  • Lena -

    you are correct Lena, however, in this case, kids have a hard time with the concept, and the teacher is asking for a solution analysis that is hard for many kids to grasp. I showed him an easier way.

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