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Chemistry :) simple question

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When an acid reacts with a metal such as zinc, whats released? Where does the product come from? I answered: a gas hydrogen is released and it comes from the bubbles formed when an acid is added to a metal' is the 2nd part of the q correct??

  • Chemistry :) simple question -

    you are correct, but where do the bubbles come from?

    They come from the water molecules. The metal replaces one of the hydrogen atoms, and the displaced hydrogen forms bubbles.

    Thus, the metal which was separate combines to form a hydroxide, leaving the hydrogen separate, and away it goes.

  • Chemistry :) simple question -

    The above assumes that the acid consists of an aqueous solution. HCl reacts with Na to produce NaCl and Cl2 gas, not hydrogen. In fact, I guess my answer is actually wrong; a gas atom is displaced, but it's not necessarily hydrogen.

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