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English; Help/Check.

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You were to listen to two authors (see chapter 11 for the list of authors -- click on any two of the links, and listen to the two authors you chose). Now you need to identify specific examples of the following:

* Central idea (explain the main idea of what the author was trying to say)

* Fact versus opinion (mention examples of facts and opinions from what the author said)

* Persuasive devices

I wrote one essay so far.

Daddy's Little Girl

The author quoted "Ever since I was little you were right by my side"the author was telling her father was he is her hero. He could of ran away and left her and her mother because they (her parents) were too young, "You and mom were so young when I came" she quoted. This poem was about finding the love of a father as a friend. She loved her father so much that she was willing to do anything for him and she's realized how much he does love her because he never left and he had opportunity's too. There's moments where you'll live on your own with out your family such as your dad, and your dad of all people you love him a bit more because he was ALWAYS there to protect you. Shes gradually learning how much she did care and how no matter where shes at he'll always be there when she needs him."You weren't like other young dad’s who get up and walk out You stayed by our side without a doubt" quoted the author. Reading those words, I compared that too when my mother told me when she got pregnant she was scared because her and my father weren't married and she was afraid that he would leave. But, my father love me and her unconditionally and HE stood by my mom. It made me think my father could have been a father who left and didn't support us. Although he's deceased now, he was a great supportive dad! And, the author wanted to let him know no matter what he'll always be her hero.

  • English; Help/Check. -

    Whats your question?

  • English; Help/Check. -

    To check my answer..

  • English; Help/Check. -

    You have posted a VERY rough draft! Please proofread thoroughly and then re-post.

  • English; Help/Check. -

    I think its really good. but you need to change "my father love me" to "my father loves me" in the 4th line from the bottom. other than that I think its amazing.

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