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im trying to finish these classes soon so i can start college, but honestly they are too complex. and i NEED HELP!!!!
I have 1-5 done.
6. In the Mongol Empire, the plague
A. provided new oppurtunities for territorial expansion
B.ended further expansion
C. had no effect, because it mainly skipped over mongol lands
D.Slowed the rise of the Ottoman state

8. Which of the following is an example of the new economic divisions in the European peasantry that began to occur during the 15th century
A. peasants living west of the Elbe River became freer
B. Peasants living in the Blakans became freer
C.Peasants living east of the Elbe River became freer
D. Peasants throughout Europe became poorer

10. In the 11th century, who did the muslims refer to as "the army God"
D. Chinese

please please please people...

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