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Which of the following is an independent clause?
Where Juan lived.
Because Juan was brave.
Juan's favorite adventure.
Juan explored the cave.

Which of the following groups of words is a clause?
to learn a new language
around the corner
waiting for the bell to ring
if the catcher dropped the ball

What is the phrase in the following sentence?

“While Darius listened to his favorite radio station, he read a sports magazine.”
While Darius listened
to his favorite radio station
he read
a sports magazine

What is the base word in the word application?

Thanks ! I Just Need Help.... (:

  • ENGLISH !(: -

    Here are some definitions.

    phrase = two or more words that go together but have no subject or verb

    clause = a group of words that form an idea and have a subject and verb

    dependent clause = has a subj and verb, but is not a sentence on its own

    independent clause - has a subj and verb and can be a sentence on its own (A simple sentence is one ind clause.)

    Let us know what YOU THINK about each one you posted, and one of us will check your work for you.

  • ENGLISH !(: -

    Juan explored the cave is an independent clause. It has a subject and a verb and expresses a complete though. It can stand alone as a complete sentence.

    2. A clause has a subject and a verb. Which of your choices do you think is a clause?

    3. A phrase does not have a subject and verb. This sentence has a prepositional phrase. Check this site for information about prepositional phrases.


    Here's a list of prepositional phrases.


    4. Check a dictionary for the base word of application.

  • ENGLISH !(: -

    the answer to which of the following groups of words is a clause is If the catcher dropped the ball. catcher is the subject, dropped the ball is the predicate dropped is the verb.
    The answer to the qestion What is the phrase in the following sentence I believe is a sports magazine.....please let me know if this correct

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