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Hello. I will really appreciate some help.
1)Is it correct to use -ing form in the sentence: "The aim of the group is creating a new strategy" or is it "the creation" or only "to create"?
2)Do you think it's OK to use the word "target" instead of "aim" in the previous sentence?
3)Is it possible to say "to enounce a speech" or "to pronounce a speech" (meaning "to make a speech")?
4)Is it possible to use the following word combinations for a country which occupied another country: "an occupant country", "an occupying country", "an invader state", "a state invader"?
5)Do we use the article "the" in the phrase "(the?)members of the group" (no particular members are meant, just the organization as a whole)?
6)Do you think it's possible to say "the group's members", "the organization's members", "organization members", "group members" (in the same meaning)?
7)Is it natural to use "promulgate" in the context "the organization promulgated its statute in 2011"?
Thank you very much for your help.

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    1. Either "creating" or "to create" will work fine.

    2. I'd stick with "aim."

    3. "to give a speech"

    4. "an occupying country"
    "an invader state"

    5. It would depend on the sentence ... the whole sentence.

    6. All are OK.

    7. Yes

  • English -

    1. "to correct" is best

    2. "aim" is better

    3. "make a speech" is best. Another way to say this is -- "She spoke to . . ."

    4. "An occupying country" or "an invader state" are best.

    5. Yes. You need "the" in this sentence.

    6. Yes. All mean the same.

    7. I'm not sure I know what you mean. Check this definition of "promulgate."

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