posted by ameme

I have a paper due and need help with this question.

should we encourage population control by limiting family size?

Just need someone to help me finish, not do it for me..just some help.


I. Introduction to the topic.
• State the significance of the issue – why is this worth worrying about?
• State the thesis you will be defending – summarize your moral judgment concerning the issue.
• State which moral theory you will be using to analyze the issue.
• Provide a one-sentence summary of the argument you will use to defend the thesis.

II. Brief re-cap of your moral framework.
• State which moral theory you will be using.
• Explain how the decision rule works.
• Mention your criterion for moral standing, and your criteria for moral significance.
• Mention your position on rights and particularism.

III. The case for the thesis.
• Describe the moral question thoroughly, defining all technical terms.
• Create three different scenarios to illustrate various ways that judgments might differ.
• For each scenario, spell out your argument by applying the decision rules to the case, using language appropriate to your theory.
• Be sure to defend all claims that might be doubted by a critic.

IV. The case for the opposition.
• Working within your moral theory, describe at least one alternate position that might be taken using that theory, offering a reasonable argument for that position. Do this for each scenario.
• Explain why the argument made by the opposition fails.

  1. Writeacher

    These are your directions, aren't they?

    Where is what you have written so far?

  2. swagg

    no,you should not limit family size

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