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we are doing a biography on our favourite singer or singers, and i luv justin bieber and one direction. My first choice is one direction since i really love their music. but then the problem is that i will have to do 5 biographys since their are 5 people in one direction. I was then thinking of just goimng justin bieber since it would be easier. which one should i do?

at the end of my biography i will say:

justin bieber is my favourite solo singer and one direction is my favourite band.

is this ok ?

please help me ... thanks :)


    Yes. If you do biographies of the band, you'll have five short biographies to research and wrote. If you Justin Bieber, you should make the biography longer and more deailes.


    good idea

    is my last sentnce ok for the end of the biography: justin bieber is my favourite solo singer and one direction is my favourite band.


    Yes. That's good.


    I wouldn't use that for your last sentence. You don't want to introduce a brand new topic at the very end.

    However, it might be a good one to include in the introduction. You'd have to wait until you get the rest of the paper written to decide, though ... since it's not a good idea to write the intro before writing the paper!


    ok thank you Ms. Sue and thank you Writeacher :)


    i think u should do jistin bieber because its more easier, if u do one direction then u have to write about 5 people. u can do one direction of that band.


    hey its me Bieber I hear you love my music :)

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