Cultural Anthropology 101

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Could some one PLEASE check my answers

Competition among co-wives in a polygynous household is reduced when:
****(a) Sororal polygyny is practiced.
co-wives all live in the same household and share the same kitchen.
the wives all live together.
the co-wives father had multiple wives.

2. Horticulturalists use all of the following cultivation methods except:
****(A)Allowing fields to remain fallow.
irrigating their fields.
using fully domesticated plants.
preparing the soil.

3. Headmen /headwomen depend on __________ to lead:

4. An immediate return system means:
the consumption of food occurs immediately after it is foraged.
you must immediately return it to the owner if you don’t want it.
once you kill an animal you must return home.
****(D)Once you kill an animal you must leave a gift to the ancestors thanking them for providing food.

5. Descent groups are:
nuclear families.
extended families.
groups who come together to complete a task.
****(D)Groups that can trace their relationship through real or fictive kinship.

6. Typical characteristics of Band societies include:
dependence on outside populations to acquire resources.
****Exploitation of local plants and animals.
development of permanent settlements.
accumulation of material wealth.

7. Which of the following terms describes the switch to cultivation and the origins of plant domestication in human history?
Green Revolution
Industrial Revolution
****Neolithic Revolution
Agricultural Revolution

8. Benefits of cross cousin marriages in Australian Aboriginal societies are that it:
prohibits the sexual relations between certain categories of kin.
**** Expands the pool of marriageable women.
involves the marriage of the same sex siblings children.
increases conflict between bands.

9. The maximum number of people a region can support, given its resources, and the way humans exploit them is called:
population pressure.
****Carrying capacity.
population capacity.

10. When a married couple resides with the bride’s parents, it is called:

  • Cultural Anthropology 101 -

    2, 4, and 7 are wrong.

  • Cultural Anthropology 101 -

    7 c)

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