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I have an essay due Sunday, so could someone read my writing? If there are any unclear points, please ask questions for clarity. You may also point out spelling/grammar errors, but please to not tell me what to rewrite to fix the errors. Thanks!

Throughout Sophocles' tragedy Oedipus the King, significant moments reveal Oedipus' pride and praxis through his reactions toward the other characters in the play. For example, Oedipus tells Tiresias that “I have stood enough. Leave me. Go back whither you came" (34). By ordering Tiresias to leave, Oedipus’ excessive pride enables him to believe the impossible: changing his own fate. His anger, fueled by his pride, blinds him from the truth since he forces Tiresias out before he tells him. In addition, Oedipus' questions the shepherd threatening him that "if you won't speak of your own free will, we must use ways to make you speak" (69). Once again, Oedipus' pride converts to violence as he forces information about his past from everyone around him. By ignoring Jocasta's pleas to stop searching for the horrible truth, he does not act as role model for his subjects, not trusting his own wife. Lastly, Oedipus' flaws take a toll on him when he finds out the truth, saying that "All [is] out. Oozed out, to the last drop. There's a sort of joy in it. No more. No more to—Oh, what sin. Oh what unspeakable—what filth. To see this in a mirror" (72). Oedipus' persistence to finding the truth leads to his peripetia, where his dignity as king turns to fragility when he chooses to blind himself for his crime. Hearing what the shepherd has told him, Oedipus finally opens his eyes to his flaws. In summary, the play Oedipus the King contains significant moments revealing Oedipus’ pride and praxis, which teaches readers that possessing those characteristics lead to harmful relationships with others.

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    Where should this be separated into paragraphs?

    Remove "that" just before quoted lines, and use proper punctuation before each quotation.

    Make sure every pronoun's antecedent is absolutely clear so readers don't get lost in the "he" and "him" references.

    I don't see a clear introduction with a thesis statement, and I think internal paragraphs may need more development, but I'm not sure until I know where the paragraphs begin and end.

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    It's supposed to be one paragraph with three chunks.

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