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In Saturday's 8 mile race Sarah's goal was to complete 1/2 of the run in 48 minutes. After that time had elapsed Sarah had run 2/3 of the total race. Which shoes how far ahead of Pace Sarah is?

Before Chad shared his starburst with his friends he had 12 pieces. He gave 2 orange ones to Katy and 2 green ones and a red one to BRett. Which expression can be used to find the number of starbursts that Chad had left?

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    Your first answer is right.

    But the second problem has a similar flaw to the one we discussed a few minutes ago.

    The problem ask us to find the number of starbursts Chad had left.

    12 - (2 + 3) = 7 pieces left

    None of your answer choices is correct.

    12 - (2/12 + 3/12) = 12 - 5/12 = 11 7/12

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    So should I ask the teacher about the two problems that are faulty? But is A for the starburst question partly right? Is it just missing a few stuff like in the other question?

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    Yes, ask your teacher. None of the answers comes even close to answering the question.

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