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Nitric acid reacts with silver metal: 4HNO3 + 3Ag -> NO + 2H2O + 3AgNO3. Calculate the number of grams of NO formed when 10.8 g of Ag reacts with
12.6 g HNO3

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    on the reactants, 4 moles nitric to 3 moles silver.

    calculate the masses in grams to moles for Ag, HNO3. Do you have a 4:3 ratio? If less, then you have excess Ag. If more, then you have Ag as the limiting reagant.

    so if the ratio is more, then look the ratio of Ag to NO in the equation. For each mole of Ag, you get one mole of NO.

    If it is less, then all the Ag doesn't react. For each 4 moles HNO3 (calculate how many you have) you get 3/4 of that in moles NO

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