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1. An example of internally aligning HR practices is:
a. implementing an employee dress code that increases customer satisfaction.
b. creating a recruitment plan that targets the predominate groups in the organizations labor
c. implementing a training program which supports the company's differentiation strategy
d. setting up the organizations reporting structure so that payroll and HR report to the same
senior executive.
e. designing a compensation program which offers competitive wages in order to attract and
retain high quality candidates.

2. The owner of J & J Car Dealership has always encouraged his sales staff to be competitive and\par
he has always taken a hands off approach when managing his employees. The sales staff\par
dresses casually and has very flexible schedules. All of these things describe the company's:
a. organizational culture.
b. social responsibility.
c. labor force trends.
d. environmental influences.
e. differentiation strategy.

3. Jose's supervisor often reprimands him in front of his coworkers, does not return his calls or
emails when he has a question, and communicates process changes to his coworkers, leaving
Jose left out. Jose's supervisor has not demonstrated appropriate:
a. bias suppression.
b. ethical behavior.
c. distributive justice.
d. procedural justice.
e. interactional justice.

Thank you all in advance

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