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What are the implications of a dual relationship?

I don't need the answer, I just need to know what the question means by "implications". Like consequences???


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    Similar, but not as certain. An implication is a conclusion that can be drawn, but it is not explicitly stated. It is a "likely" consequence.

    And of course, the "likely" is where folks of various opinions will differ.

    For instance, the implication of regular teen use of marijuana is that as a young adult, that teen will be a substance abuser of some degree. That is very different from stating that young adult substance abuse is a consequence of teen marijuana use. Of course you know, folks will line up on both sides of this issue and shout it our. Implication is a not very definite consequence.

    Now on the dual relationship is that do both parties see the duality? In many cases, one or the other will mix the roles up.

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