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for narrative essay i want to write about death, like before i used to think my world be perfect everyone be with me I have everything until my great grandmother died, and that be the first time someone in my family die that i be really close to, so that be heart shattering experience and right after that my cousin die, that i not meet, but connection between us seemed to be strong cause he be my blood and I feel that. I not know what to title this narrative essay about death, and I not know how to exaggerate on my feelings, like i just feel heart broken, like world come to an end.

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    This will probably be the hardest essay you'll ever write. You'll be exploring your feelings about one of life's certainties. But this fact of life causes us, the living, great pain. It's especially hard on you and others your age.

    Today I talked with Logan, a dear friend about your age, at the visitation for his beloved grandmother who died a couple of days ago. He's suffering the same kind of grief that you're experiencing.

    About your essay -- don't try to give it a title until you've finished the essay. I don't think you need to exaggerate your feelings. They are already strong and real. Write what you're feeling.

    These sites may help you.



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    Oh yes this bring back those memories and itll be a re-experience through those same emotions for me. It really not be easy to move on, atmosphere totally changes around you, and you start seeing flaws that you once never before saw in life. You even start disrespecting God at a point.

    Thanks very much ms. sue :)

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    You're very welcome. Good luck, Mohammad.

    Death is one of life's hardest lessons to accept.

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