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Could you please check if this paragraph is possible in scientific English? Thank you, Writeacher.

1) Superconduction consists of a particular physical phenomenon which characterizes only superconductors.
2) These materials become superconductors when they are brought to the critical temperature (Tc) specific for each material. For example, mercury has a critical temperature of 4 K.
3) Superconductors were discovered in 1911 by the scientist…., who, after liquefying helium, found out that mercury becomes a superconductor at 4 k.
The superconduction is also linked to a critical current (ic) and to a critical magnetic field (HC).
4) When a superconductor material is put in a magnetic field, which overcomes the critical magnetic field, or it is run by a current which is bigger than the critical one, it loses its state of superconductor.
5) Today three kinds of superconductors have been discovered: Type 1, Type 2 and high temperature superconductors.The first have a low critical temperature whereas the temperature of Type 2 is more than Type 6) Finally, high temperature superconductors have a temperature of around 100 K.

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    Grammatically, everything reads fine except I think you need to use K instead of k at the end of sentence 3.

    I'm hoping a science teacher will check this, too.

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    4. When a superconductor material is in a magnetic field greater than the critical level, or it is carrying a current greater then the critical current, it reverts to a non superconducting state.

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