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Community service

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I need to do 40 hours of community service by 2 weeks. In my nieghborhood there are no libraries, or anything and I have no idea what to do. I need to do this because it is mandatory for honor students like me! The past month went by , because of homework and projects and I TOTALLY forgot. Now I need suggestions for doing community service please,
And also no Internet websites

  • Community service -

    Volunteer to tutor other students at school.

    Help elderly or disabled neighbors with shopping or yard work.

    Ask a pastor in a nearby church for suggestions.

  • Community service -

    call your local nursing home.
    check with local child care facilities, and see if they can use volunteers of your age.
    Blind people can always use help around the house....find them (let your mom do it) the county welfare office, or the state dept for vision impared.
    Can you help at local food banks? (ans: yes)

  • Community service -

    elderly folks living in their homes, can always use help around the house,...flower beds, scrubbing floors, house cleaning, cleaning up closets full of junk, ....

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