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Does "top up the phone" mean put money on your account?
Can you give me an example, Writeacher?
I need to include two or three more sentences on mobile phones, Writeacher.
Could you please help me?

1) Parents have to shoulder responsibility for their children's misbehaviour.
2) They have to take responsibility if their children misbehave in class, tell lies, or talk their teachers back.
3) I'm a Tim subscriber. I changed to Tim two years ago because it (they) charged less for local calls. (I need to find proper examples....)

  • writeacher -

    I am not certain what you want with the last three sentences.

  • Art -

    I've never heard "top up" used in American English, but its meaning is pretty clear. In American English, I've heard and used "top off" but not in the sense of the phrase in any of those definitions lined in Bob Pursley's link.

    When my grandkids' cell phones were running out of money or minutes, or when my Starbuck's card gets low, we say "add more money to my account" or "reload the account." But I'd bet that's regional to the US or parts of the US. If "top up" is what you hear regarding money to keep one's cell phone in use, then that's what you need to keep using. There are many examples of usage in the different links that Bob Pursley gave you, especially in the Collins dictionary and in the comments for the Merriam-Webster definitions.


    1) OK

    2) They have to take responsibility if their children misbehave in class, tell lies, or talk back to their teachers.

    3) I'm a Tim subscriber. I changed to Tim two years ago because they charged less for local calls.

    My cell phone is with T-Mobile because, when I moved here, they had the best reception in the area where I live and work.

    My voice, text, and data package is with AT&T because they have the best international coverage, and I'm planning a trip to Ireland next summer.

    (If those examples aren't what you're looking for, just let me know.)

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