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intro to physics

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I was wondering if you guys can help me with this question
An airplance is traveling 835 km/h in a direction 41.5 degrees west of north.
part a) find the component of the velocity in the northerly direction
part b) find the same but in the westerly direction
part c) how far north has the plane traveled after 2.40 h ?
part d) how far west has the plane traveled after 2.40 h

i already find out the answers to the first two which is for north is 625 and for west is 553 km/h but I am getting the wrong answer for the last two. please help me and thank you

  • intro to physics -

    SKETCH THE PROBLEM on a graph!!!
    835 cos 41.5

    835 sin 41.5

    distance = speed * time
    2.4 * 835 cos 41.5

    2.4 * 835 * sin 41.5

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