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I left out two sentences because I'm finding it difficult to send you my post all together.

3) It is an organization that will only be satisfied when it has become redundant. Does this sentence mean that it will go on working until its work becomes unnecessary?
4) The aims of this organization are the release of prisoners, fair and immediate trial for all political prisoners, and opposition to death penalty.
5) It aims at releasing prisoners/to release prisoners, seeking trial for all politcal prisoners/seek trial for political prisoners and opposing death penalty/ to oppose death penalty.Are both "aim at/aim to" possible?

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    3 - yes

    4 - OK

    5 - It aims to release prisoners, seek trial for political prisoners, and oppose death penalty.
    REMEMBER: parallel structure
    You have a series of verbs here and they need to be structured identically. In this sentence, they all need to be infinitive phrases: ... to
    - release prisoners
    - seek trial for all political prisoners
    - oppose the death penalty

    ("the" belongs in there before "death penalty")

    Are both "aim at/aim to" possible? (no)

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