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I left out these sentences. Thank you very much. I really need your revision. Thank you very much.

1) His last voyage leads him to the island inhabited by the Houyhnhnms, horses endowed with reason that rule over the ....., a vile and filthy species of animals similar to human beings.
2) Though he is ashamed of his similarity with the ..... and admires the superiority of the horses, these banish him from the island. Once back home, he decides to go and live in the stable among the animals because he can’t stand the smell of humanity any longer.
3) Throughout the 17th century the imaginary voyage had been used by French writers as a vehicle for their theories. The traveller usually discovered some happy society where men lived a simple, uncorrupted life, following natural instinct and the innate light of reason.
4) Gulliver’s experiences are different because the people among whom he is cast are in no sense children of nature. They all live in highly organized societies and are governed by institutions.
5) As a matter of fact, Gulliver always finds himself displaced, first in relation to little men and then to big ones, and finally forced into comparison not with men but with animals.
6) At the beginning he is described as a typical European: he is middle-aged, well educated, sensible. He is a careful observer, he takes care of his family and runs his business prudently. 7) He has experience of the world and fully supports the culture which has produced him.
8) On his first voyage he recognises the authority of the king, the ceremonies of the court and the fairness of the justice system. However, he gradually develops a critical awareness of the limitations of the European values.
9) During his second voyage the critical awareness becomes deeper even though he does not question the European values seriously. However, it takes him some time to readjust to European life after his return home.
10) On his fourth voyage his transformation becomes complete and when he returns he can no longer take part in European society, not even with his friends and family. He joins his wife and children but cannot stand their smell of humanity and he goes to live in the stable among the animals.

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    Choose the 5 (max) that you have real concerns about.

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