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I have to write an english assignment about banning a reality tv show. One of the paragraphs has to be about how 1984 underpins the whole concept of the show. I chose (Next Top Model). I have found a lot of links like unacceptable standards of beauty, manipulation of the family system, doublespeak and doublethink as well as hidden cameras.

Only problem is I can't find anything about how reality tv is UNDERPINNED by 1984 and I'm getting really really confused. And what does it even mean? Underpinned, what does it mean????

So, can anyone tell me how that works?


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    Underpinned just means that the main ideas in 1984 form the basis or foundation for the main ideas in your paper. You have already named some of these underpinnings: primarily all the things done to control other people's thoughts and actions.

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    Aaah! Thanks so much! So rather than the specific "link" its the concept behind it? So like the total control of actions - that are being viewed and judged and maybe also psychological control? Would they work.

    Thanks again!

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