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Spanish-SraJMcGin please help ?

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I'm so confused with these-please check them.
¿Estudias algo los sábados?
No, no estudio nada los sábados.Do I need the no, no or just one no, estudio?

¿Hablas a francés a veces?

No, no hablo nunca a francés.

Once again, do I need no, no hablos or just no, hablo nunca?

  • Spanish-SraJMcGin please help ? -

    You have 2 choices here. Some how using "no" twice makes it seem a stronger statement. No, no estudio. vs No estudio. = No, I do NOT study vs I do not study.

    ¿Hablas francés? (delete that extra "a")

    Actually, with the strong negative word "nada" you have a third choice! Nada estudio los sábados. CAUTION with the last statement. "No, hablo nunca" is incorrect because of the comma after No. It must be either: No hablo nunca. OR No, no hablo nunca. (and even: "No, nunca hablo OR Nunca hablo."

    Hopefully this will clarify it for you.


  • Spanish-SraJMcGinthank you -

    Thank you so much for explaining it-I think I got it this time.

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