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I Have an assignment that requires me to design, write and carry out an analysis and a report of survey from beginning to end however, the confusing part it that it has to be done without any actual data i don't know how to start that. Please help topic is Cancer related to occupational health

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    I think I would either have data, or research before I make any analysis, argument or conclusion.

    Why are there no watches with iridescent dials?

    Why can't pregnant xray technicians do their job in the first three months of pregnancy?

    Why has asbestos been eliminated from steam pipes?

    Why has tobacco usage been discouraged at businesses?

    Why has the production of vinyl chlorides been greatly reduced?

    Why are dioxin byproducts being eliminated in workplaces?

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    I see what is if i try to assume data results, based on prior knowledge is that possible if so how would i do that can you please point me in the right direction. Thank you very much appreciate it.

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