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For this essay choose one of the stories from Units 1-7 of your literature lessons. Imagine that you are the author of the story and using first person point of view introduce yourself, your story, and state the theme of your story. Then explain how you (as the author) conveyed that theme in your work. Stay true to what you know of the author's personality and beliefs.

Be sure to use direct quotes and support from the story to enhance your essay and give it credibility. You cannot get full credit without providing support from the text.

Your essay should be 1-2 paragraphs in length and have at least 3 specific pieces of evidence that support your answer.

This is the answer I have but, I was wondering if there wAS anyway I could get some help on this essay......
Hello all. My name Is Edgar Allan poe and I am the Author of many stories. The short story I will be talking to you about today is Titled "The Tell-Tale Heart." The theme of my story is that there are consiquenses to every action. The way I worked this theme into the story is that the main character killed a man and felt safe thinking that noone could find what she did however in the end she ends up telling where she hid the heart and gets put in jail.

  • Literary Composistion -

    Please rethink the theme you decide to write about.

    Please locate the (minimum of) three quotations you plan to use.

    Re-do the first two sentences so they are not so 3rd-grade-ish.

    Re-post when you're ready.

  • Literary Composistion -

    I don't understand how you are going to help me any...... You told me to redo what I did and get new info you didn't help me any...

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