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I'm finding extremely difficult to rephrase this letter taken from Richardson's Pamela. I really need your help.

1) In letter XV of Richardson’s Pamela, Pamela recounts to her mother what happened to her as she was concluding her previous letter.
2) Mr. B. again surprises Pamela, causing her to conceal the letter in her bosom.
3) He accuses her of behaving foolishly when she publicized his behaviour towards her. (The reader however is well informed of the incident from the letter Pamela sent to her parents as well as from her conversation to Mrs Jervis, his houskeeper. One day in the summer house of his estate he had put his arm around her without warning and had kissed her.
4) As she had protested strongly, he had become very angry and had offered her gold to keep the incident a secret. She had refused the money and hat later written to her parents about the incident and had told his housekeeper Mrs Jervis about it.

  1. Writeacher

    Have you started rephrasing (paraphrasing)? Please let me know which words you think need rephrasing.

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