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Writeacher, as you are a teacher, I would like to have your personal opinion about what I included below. (I'd like you to check the word choice, too)

1) At school teachers told me that he my seven-year-old child has got a great intelligence and logic capacity but he tends to get distracted very easily and seems to live in his own world.
2) It takes him too long to write or calculate things. Actually, he both reads and calculates things very fast but when he has to write things down he needs time.
3) His handwriting, however, is excellent. The only problem seems to be that he is sometimes lazy and absent- minded and needs to be encouraged to do things.
4) What should I do? He is an only child but he has got a few friends. He goes to football practice once a week and does athletics one a week, too.
5) When he plays football, he is always worried about making mistakes or being hit by another player and hardly ever touches the ball in a football game.
6) He likes chatting with his friends!!
As you are a teacher, I want to have your personal opinion.

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    It sounds quite normal to me for a 7-yr old boy. He needs friends...scouting?
    on 5) at 7yr old, I see that in the normal range of behaviour also.

    I would encourage him to join a group outside athletics, where he is not going to suffer pain. Scouts can be such an organization. He needs to interact and learn to interact with peers in doing constructive things.

    I am much against 7yr old boys doing football unless they enjoy it. Is he enjoying it?

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