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Calligraphy is very popular amoung artists as well as among people whom are not professional artists. But who are creative for their own pleasure. The word calligraphy provides own definition. It comes from two greek ancient words: calli, which means "beautiful" and grapho, which means "to write." Thus calligraphy meant "beautiful writing." That is, infact, just exactly what calligraphy is. A major objective of Calligraphers is to make the appearance of the words as as beautiful as they can possibly be. The shapes of the letters in calligraphy, then, are of primary importance. Several different styles of lettering exists today, each with a very spesific basic shape that is instantly recognizable to most experienced calligraphers.

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    I'll point out errors, but you will do the re-write.



    But who are creative for their own pleasure.



    That is, infact, just exactly what calligraphy is. [Holy smoke! The entire sentence is redundant!]


    as as

    ... styles ... exists ...


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