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words are A)communication shortcuts B) not arbitray symbols C) unique to ea. indidividual in english D) thoughts written down I like A and also D thoughts written down not sure which

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    This makes no sense. Is it a continuation of another post?

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    no it is the actual question words are choose a, b, c or d I think the answer is b I was thinking it was aor d and changed mind

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    There is no frame of reference.

    On what basis are you supposed to choose a set of words?

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    ? good question I guess that's why so many people can't answer ty anyway

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    Wait a minute ...
    Is it supposed to read like this, with capital letters, etc., in all the right places?

    Words are
    A) communication shortcuts.
    B) not arbitrary symbols.
    C) unique to each individual in English.
    D) thoughts written down.

    If you post your questions with proper capitalization, punctuation, spelling and spacing, tutors will be far more likely to understand what you're asking.

    I agree with B.

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    ty and yes that's the way thank you for your advice

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    why do you think it is so important to develop a relationship with every young child (especially a child with challenging behavior)? How will you work to develop this relationship?

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