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How does exponents work? Is it ust multiplication...please help me i am in grade 7 math

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    It is multiplication and more.

    For instance, a^2 is a times a
    a^3 is a times a times a, or a cubed.

    Now it gets a little more fun.

    a^(1/2) is the sqrt(a)

    a^(1/3) is the cubrt(a)

    a^(4/3) is the cubrt of a^4


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    like 2>2 is 4 and 2>3 is 8 because the first time you multiply you multiply by the original number???am i right ...sorry if its confusing???

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    You're right.

    But be sure you use the correct signs.

    2^2 = 4
    2^3 = 8

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    thank you Ms.Sue and BobPursley

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    You're welcome.

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