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1. Americans are often accused of being ethnocentric. This means that
A. Americans welcome diversity in their work force.
B. Americans feel their culture is superior to other cultures.
C. U.S. firms are actively seeking international markets.
D. U.S. businesses are pursuing a policy of multiculturalism.

my answer is B

2. Uniform product codes are also known as
A. bar codes.
B. product numbers.
C. customer service standards.
D. basic product quality standards

my answer is A

3. Which of the following about a capitalist system is correct?
A. It guarantees the success of almost any business.
B. It’s one in which the factors of production are owned by the government.
C. It relies on honesty, integrity, and high ethical standards.
D. It isn’t substantially damaged by unethical business behavior.

my answer is C

4. Among developed nations, the United States is typical in that it has a _______
A. mixed C. command
B. socialist D. free market

my answer is B

  • Business management class -

    1 and 2 seem correct.

    3 - possibly -- or a mix of C and D

    4 is incorrect.

  • Business management class -

    I disagree with your answers for 1 and 4.

  • Business management class -

    would 4 be A mixed

  • Business management class -

    would 1 be A

  • Business management class -

    Yes. 4 is A.

    For # 1, please check the definition of ethnocentric.

  • Business management class -

    means judged so answer will be D

  • Business management class -


    What dictionary did you (not) consult?

  • Business management class -

    the internet!

  • Business management class -

    Can you help me to get started writing this paper? Objective a business letter to a Human Resources dept to organizing a two hour training seminar on Sexual harassment and unlawful discrmination in the workplace.

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