To Laruen ~

posted by Writeacher

Please do not use all-caps when you type or umpteen thousand exclamation marks or question marks. Those kinds of actions indicate to us that you have no patience or online manners.

Please don't continue doing those things. You may end up putting yourself on the ban list.

Remember that all of us are volunteers and that we all have other things going on in our lives. We don't sit at the computer waiting for students to post questions!


  1. Writeacher

    In addition, you are spamming the board with your multiple posts and demands for help. Also -- using PLEASE!!!!!!!!! as a school subject will not usually get you expert help.

  2. Laruen

    Just delete my other posts already.

    btw i needed help with my homework but it took you guys like forever to reply!

    i understnad you guys other things to do but i have to do something later on and I don't want to end up going to bed late tonight. I always go to bed late tonight because of my homework (sometimes). But it doesn't matter because another teacher helped me!

    I need help on one more qs. for science.

  3. Writeacher

    Be sure to post your question politely!

  4. Laruen

    it says that

    Describe the shape of plant cells?

    my science teacher said that we can't write that it't shape as a square.

    we have to write this into a complete sentence.

  5. Laruen

    I did post my qs. politely!

    it's above.

    Please Help

    Thank YOU! :)

  6. Ms. Sue

    Study these drawings. What shape do you see?

  7. Laruen

    I have to use MY DRAWING. We draw one in class. She said that we can't just write it's shaped as squares. We draw it and like we label what we draw. We label: Cell Wall, Chloroplast, and Cytoplasm.

  8. Ms. Sue

    Plant cells are not squares.

  9. Laruen

    No like we use high power (400x) in the mircoscope see the leaf, we use a Oak Leaf. The way we saw it, we draw it.

  10. Laruen

    The shape of the plant cells is shaped as a Chloroplast and Mitochonotion.

    is that a correct answer to this qs.

  11. Laruen

    is my answer is a good answer?

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